As owners of mechanical replica watches, what can we do to ensure long life

The owners of a mechanical replica watches carry, unknowingly, a high performance athlete on their wrist. Each year, his replica watches travels over 35,000 kilometers. This is the approximate distance we would travel if we were from Munich to Oslo and back, nothing more and nothing less than 11 a total of 11 times.

And of these dimensions is also the load that supports the movement. It makes sense therefore, for high-end fake watches, perform maintenance from time to time. The appropriate term in watchmaking is total revision and the work done is very expensive and complicated: First of all the clock must be disassembled piece by piece - what I can imagine should take a lot of time and effort when it comes to replica watches with numerous functions. The pieces are tested one by one to check their operation and possible wear. If parts with defects are found, they are replaced by new ones.

If it is worthwhile or if maintenance of this order is possible, you and the specialist watchmaker decide. For some replica watches this process is not profitable or the watch has been built in such a highly sophisticated way that only the staff of the same house is able to perform this work with a guarantee of success.

What can we do, as owners of a mechanical fake watches UK, to ensure a long service life?

Take off our replica watch when we go to sleep. Immediately repair the damage caused to the housing to prevent it from losing tightness. Clean the housing and belt immediately in case of dirt. Regularly clean possible sweat remains to ensure the functionality of both the belt and the joints. If we must open the fake watches case, let it always be done by an experienced watchmaker.