Stainless steel replica watches with blue accents

Time is relative, this was already said by Einstein. Time passes and in most cases it happens very fast. How ring to the finger comes the name by which the Richtenburg house of Zug in Switzerland has christened its new model «Speedwheel». I doubt that in the idyllic Swiss replica watches with its beautiful snow-capped mountains, time flies the way it does for example in Germany, but who knows.

Be that as it may, I take my time to take a good look at the Speedwheel.

The replica watch is found in four different versions: in steel with blue accents, in black plated steel, in brown plated steel and in gold plated steel. To me personally, the one that catches my attention is black, followed by gold.

Unpacking the replica watch is an adventure: The Richtenburg comes in a sturdy box and it is really well protected inside it. I need a good time to get to my newly acquired treasure. Even better. It is better an extensive packaging and a pleasant surprise than a simple packaging but it turns out to be deficient because the product has reached us deteriorated. Thing that has already happened to me, by the way. Luckily, not with a Richtenburg.

170 grams whole and true weighs the clock. I like that because as a replica watch lover I want to feel that I am wearing one. Those ultralight, ultra-flat, ultrachic models I have never understood. The Speedwheel makes things clear in that regard.

The Speedwheel has had to endure the beauty. I cannot say that I am excessively careful in general, so it usually happens to me, when I think about my things and collide with my replica watches. My watch, for now, has passed the test. Also with the water resistance I am very happy. The replica watches uk has an automatic mechanism of the Richtenburg house (Richtenburg caliber RK710). Also here I can only make positive comments.

To summarize: Richtenburg confirms with his Speedwheel model, that they know how to build watches. And I love that.