Sapphire crystal protected replica watches dial

When it comes to wrist replica watches, I have a fairly definite taste, however contradictory they may seem: the classic look and the groundbreaking style of the Japanese trend. The Mathis Montabon, which I am wearing to test on my left wrist corresponds without a doubt to the first category. To be exact, it is the "Black Executive" model. There are other versions, in white, silver, white and gold and black plated. The black version that fake watches bears the MM-15 reference is the one that has caught me without a doubt.

Regarding the external appearance:

The Executive is delivered in relatively heavy packaging. And it is not surprising given the weight of the replica watches itself that is not small (reaches 100 grams). It's what I expected, honestly. A point earned therefore. I also like the black dial. It gives way inside the mechanism, to be more exact the sphere is practically limited to the frame that supports the hourly indexes. The time can be read easily since the figures stand out on the dial, something unusual for watches with these characteristics: Something I like very much. Therefore, another point in favor.

Also interesting is the 24h format presented here in the form of a totalizer. And although it is an aspect that I do not usually use, it gives a technical touch that is going very well. The same as the bluish hardware, which creates a nice contrast with the automatic mechanism of the Executive replica watches that comes in black and metallic. Sophisticated style Executive point.

That the watch bears a leather strap, what do you want me to say? It is exactly what I expected and therefore I like it.

As for the interior:

22 rubies ensure that the automatic mechanism works accurately and with great accuracy. Sapphire crystal protects the dial - which in addition to showing the date also indicates the day of the week. It looks good, very elegant. One more point. The automatic mechanism Montabon caliber M-15 is in charge of the technique. The Executive is tested at 5 ATM in terms of water resistance. And for me it is enough since this replica watches would not want to wear it to dive, so perfect.